Long-term success largely depends on how well a company manages to retain top talent. In addition to career paths and development opportunities for the respective person, most companies focus in particular on a corporate culture that opens up creative space and creates meaningful experiences. Successful employees in particular usually place great value on a company’s values, mission statements, vision and mission. Being able to identify not only with one’s own task, but also with the larger whole is important to many.

We use our qualifications and many years of experience in organizational development to support processes that increase the identification of talent with the company. Retaining qualified and committed talent in the long term saves costs and increases the return.

However, there are also company situations that make it necessary to separate ones-self from employees. Then it is important to find good solutions for everyone involved. Remaining employees keep a close eye on how the separation process is structured and express appreciation for it. Responsible action is therefore required. However, the design of this process is particularly important for those affected themselves. If the separation process is perceived negatively, this radiates on the assessment of the company as an employer. That is why we also offer outplacement advice.


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