Synergies arise when everyone has found their place!

When we consider the world of elite sports we know that having top talents in a team is no guarantee of success. It depends on the interaction of all members. Roles and functions should be largely determined by competencies, potential and personal requirements. We therefore recommend potential analyses or profiling, particularly when implementing reorganizations and restructurings.

Transitions offer the best opportunities not only to deal with the substantive and factual aspects of the task, but also to reflect on your own behaviour and to design cultural topics in a targeted manner. Some of our customers offer their employees the opportunity to be accompanied by professional coaching in the first 100 days of taking on a new role (100-Tage-Coaching).

When a person assumes new responsibilities and investment should be made in that individual – it pays off!

Because there are often important implications for existing teams when it comes to filling positions, the resulting new team dynamics should not be underestimated.  It’s about acceptance, appreciation and cooperation. Teams can only be strong and successful together.

We offer solutions that promotes cooperation and energizes teams to fulfil their tasks.


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