The most important asset of every successful company is, and will remain, its talent.

Some say – everyone has talent!  That’s how we see it too.  And, each talent has specific requirements that enables their success:   

  • Does Mr. Example have the potential to assume a more responsible position (management function / project management / expert role) with us?
  • We appreciate Ms. Anyone!  She is a very experienced expert, but does she also have what it takes to be a manager?
  • We see Mr. Example in the role of … in headquarters and want to offer him the opportunity to begin with a current capabilities/potential analysis. What fits best?
  • We are expanding and want to build a new plant in the Far East. How do we find out who is best suited for this task with as little effort as possible?
  • We want to set up a talent pool so that we can quickly fill vacant top positions as needed. We need a reliable basis for decision-making.
  • How do we manage the flood of applications for good positions as economically as possible and how do we ensure that we invite the right candidates to the selection process?

Many of our customers ask themselves the same questions. Whatever question concerns you in connection with the identification of talents – ask us!

We specialize in the development of competence models and instruments for professional decision-making in selection situations. Of course, we can also take over the entire selection process for you if required.


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