Developing means encouraging and challenging!

There is no doubt that it is worth investing in employees. Supporting employees and challenging them according to their skills has a motivating, performance-enhancing and binding effect. Development is also something highly individual. Aspro.TM has developed methods that you can use to discover who has which developmental potential in order to leverage targeted develop.

All tools are based on our 4-perspective model:

  • We design company-specific development centers, orientation centers, current capability assessments and potential analyses.
  • We offer professional coaching.
  • We train managers in the development of talent. For example, “Leader as Coach” programs have proven their worth.

Through internal training on relevant topics, we develop the skills of your employees on the behavioural level.  Of course, we also offer special leadership development programs. Feedback instruments that enable everyone to determine current capabilities and identify areas for development are becoming increasingly important. 360 degree feedback are informative not only for each individual, but they invite dialogue and encourage a feedback culture within the company. It’s worth talking to each other more openly! We also offer specific modules in the curriculum of a company-specific academy.


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