Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast (P. Drucker)

However good a strategy you want to implement may be  – success is only possible if the company culture supports the efforts. There are central elements associated with culture that  contribute significantly to determining whether a company can be successful in the market. We know how important cultural topics are for talents across the entire Talent Life Cycle.

  • What values do we live?
  • What management guidelines does the company have?
  • What mission statement have we given ourselves?
  • What appreciation do employees receive?
  • How is success and failure addressed?
  • What “failure” culture is there?
  • How do we make decisions?
  • What is the communication culture?

There are many exciting subject to address in which we have years of experience to draw from.

We have experienced cultural change in many of these areas ourselves, and know what expectations people from different cultures have.

Last but not least. We also offer seminars specifically on intercultural issues in the workplace. Cultural Dexterity and intercultural sensitivity are a prerequisite for cooperation in international companies. If this is a topic of interest for you, ask us – we have great solutions.


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