We live a positive image of human beings, we know about the intersubjectivity of human beings and therefore rely heavily on cohesion and “we”.

That is why we attach great importance to the most intensive and close cooperation with our clients as possible. This means that we do not offer off-the-shelf solutions, but rather work together with our customers to ensure the best possible solution. With more than 25 years of experience in talent management we know quite a lot, yet, we would never assume to you more about your company better than you do.

We have learned that the best solutions are created when collaborate with our customers thus creating something individual for their needs. We also know that the “what” (the solution) is far from the only thing that matters. Often the “how” (the way to the goal) plays the most decisive role. If companies and employees are involved, innovations and changes are designed together, concerns are taken seriously and, above all, internal know-how and experience are captured, this promotes acceptance and increases the chances of success. Modern talent management approaches require flexibility, agility and innovation. Their meaningfulness must be visible / noticeable and they should reflect current trends. Therefore, wherever possible, self-determination comes before external control, because independent thinking and acting in the company is becoming increasingly more important than reacting to guidelines. This is reflected in our new approaches.

  • We work passionately, systematically, solution-oriented, efficiently, potential-related, professionally, confidentially.
  • Our customers say that working with Aspro.TM is really fun!
  • Our customers are part of the Fortune 500 as well as medium-sized companies.
  • We have solutions for global corporations, medium-sized and small businesses, the public sector, top sports and law firms.


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